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The Illusion of Authority

In every organization, there are people with formal authority and those with informal authority. Some of the people with the most “power” don’t technically have any. But their influence is incomparable. Knowing who these people are can be just as important as having a direct line to the CEO.

Influencers might not have any money or people under their control, but their bosses who do probably don’t take action without their council. Influencers have reach, and their range can be far more significant, and their sphere of influence likely far superior than one might think. 

I’ve found that influencers can help me make take action because they can shake multiple trees at the same time looking for support. Meaning they can help on numerous avenues, whereas a person with formal authority might only be able to shake their own tree.

Sometimes the official boss doesn’t have as much power as you think.

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