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Slowing Down

95% of the time, I want people to accelerate their decision making, speed up their programs, and work faster. But there is a time to slow down. Sometimes you have to slow down in the short run to go more quickly in the long term.

If you are training for a 10km race and go out and run 10kms every day as hard as you can, your body won’t be able to support the load and impact. Your knees will fall apart, or you’ll be too tired to get out of bed. You have to build a solid cardiovascular base by running slowly from time to time and maximize your speed by doing shorter intervals at a pace faster than your race. But by taking rest days, your body can recover, you avoid injury, and in the long run, you go faster.

The same principle applies to work or any professional goal. If you never take a break or reflect on what you do, you won’t know you’re about to fall apart. You might be hypnotized by a project and can’t see mistakes. The point is to remember to schedule a time for reflection and rest.

Take a break. Hustling doesn’t mean permanently going over the edge.

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