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Professional Creativity

Being creative, innovative, and insightful isn’t something that can be engineered.

Doing something new and exciting requires a combination of knowledge and foresight.  But you can’t see clearly through a fog.

Consider meditation, fitness, and letting your mind wander from time to time to discover new things.

Creativity comes from clarity. First, find peace. Then you’ll find your breakthrough.

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The Scary Thing About Data

Data-analytics is a big deal. Data help businesses operate more efficiently and allow people to make decisions with more confidence.

But there is one giant problem with data; it’s historical.

The scary thing is that it only tells you what happened in the past, not what’s going to happen in the future.

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Must Be Nice

Ever wonder what the most condescending phrase in the English language is?  

It’s “Must be nice.”

Nothing demonstrates a person’s insecurity and jealousy more. The speaker is implying that the other person didn’t earn something.

But guess what? If you want something in life, you can have it. If someone from your background and circumstance has achieved something in life, you have to accept the possibility that you can too. 

Work hard, bust your butt, and you can be a “have” instead of a “have-not.”

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The Authority to Say Yes

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.”

Every employee should understand who has the authority to make something happen and who is only providing an opinion.  

Bureaucracy is frustrating. And the feeling that someone who isn’t in your line of command can kill a project, or prevent progress is demotivating. But it might be an illusion.

Ask others if that person has the authority to say “no” and who has the power to say “yes”. 

If you’re a manager, aim to make your organization run in a way where the process promotes progress.

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Rest is a Superpower

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who preach hard work and long hours.

Hard work is necessary. But don’t misread them. You can’t survive on 4 hours of sleep a night.

Sleep is a superpower. Rest is not a weakness; the mind and body need it. You’ll never see a marathon runner putting in 26.2 miles everyday weeks on end. Grinding in the office is going to cut you down too.

Rest is not a weakness; it’s a necessity.

Here are a few things that might help you recover efficiently:

  1. Figure out how much sleep you need and schedule it. Also, consider short naps.
  2. Turn off technology an hour before bed.
  3. Have a dark bedroom and invest in a comfortable mattress and pillow.
  4. Figure out a routine that calms you down at night—reading, meditation, conversation, cleaning, etc.

You have to work hard to achieve your goals. But you can’t kill yourself in the process.

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