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Potent or Dangerous?

Medication is great. But take too much, and it can have disastrous effects.

The same thing can be said of journeyman level employees.

They have been around long enough to have valuable knowledge, but not long enough to realize they don’t know everything yet. Every 30 year old thinks they can be CEO, but few can handle the responsibility.

Give them too much responsibility, and they might sink the ship.

So how do you take advantage of that employees’ ambition and desire without setting them up to fail or losing them to a competitor?

  • Expose them to the bigger picture
  • Arm them with facts
  • Give them an excellent mentor
  • Give them projects that stretch their skills, but set boundaries
  • Ask them probing questions, so you know they aren’t swinging blindly
  • Care

Be empathetic; people are your most valuable asset.

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Money Isn’t Everything

Except when you don’t have any.  Or when you have a lot of it.  It’s the domain that drives the world.

If you don’t have it, you stress about getting it.

If you have it, you’re looking for a certain amount to achieve a multi-dimensional good life.

What’s the commonality?

An aim for happiness.  Another way of thinking about it is to say, “Not having enough money to achieve your goals is the price of sadness.”

What’s your price?

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Holding a Grudge

We have all messed up or embarrassed ourselves at some point, at work or in our personal lives.

Since we have all screwed up, and have flaws, let’s not deny it and judge others mistakes. Everyone has a path to redemption.

Communication is necessary to move on, progress, or innovate.

Get over what someone did or said years ago and figure out how to move on.

Positivity and helpfulness win.

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The Thing About Black or White

Is that there’s also gray.

Things aren’t left or right, black or white, ones or zeros. Rather, they are left and right, black and white, one and zero.

In fact, there are usually more than two alternatives.

The path to accomplishment or happiness at work or in life is through an exploration of multiple possibilities. And then experimentation in their ways.

Always be testing.

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Opinions vs. Data

It’s easy to sit in a room and provide an opinion.

But opinions aren’t verified.

It’s exceptionally more difficult and time-consuming to analyze the quantitative and qualitative elements of a situation. 

Endeavor to deduce proven facts that assist decision-making via an analysis process.

Be good at studying data, not at having an opinion.

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